Wednesday, July 4, 2007

bart qee custom by tam

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?

TAM: Skin Deep

TRE: how did your custom's concept come about? and how was the execution?

TAM: mmmm... It's quite embarrassing, but I started working on another design and I messed it up... I started to get really REALLY angry so I took a black color and just covered it all, dripping black color all over the place, action painting style.. how pathetic..

After cooling down (a matter of minutes..) I started to carve the black color with a knife, exposing the layers under it. A very relaxing way to pass 3 days with my poor nerves..

TRE: well, it looks raking to me! LOL - are you a Simpsons-fan?

TAM: I'm quite a Simpsons fan.. it has been running since I was 10 years old which is crazy! I taped every episode of the first 5 seasons and watched it over and over with my sisters..It had lots of influence on me as a kid with its design and humor, but most of all, it made me wanna have an animation series of my own! (and I'm working on it..)

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-da-ass or is he just misunderstood?

TAM: Bart is Bart..well It's like you can't blame your cat for shitting on the carpet.. He's a cat!

TRE: if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

TAM: huh.. tough one..naturally I'd wanna have a character of my own, but I'd go for groundskeeper Willie, one of my faves.. I love the bigger-than-life drama in every aspect in his life..and he wears skirts! very comfortable..

TRE: why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

TAM: Heavy water in the tap?

TOYSREVIL: thanks for your time for this feature, TAM! in closing, maybe you can tell us a little bit about yourself, who is TAM?

TAM: My name's Tamar Moshkovitz but TAM is for daily usage.. Tel-Aviv, Israel is where I live and do my stuff. I'm a designer/ illustrator/ animator for my living, art and fun and I also make PLUSHOOD plush toys series with my lovely partner Shlomi Schillinger which we sell around the globe. I found a cat yesterday and took him home! My first pet ever! (His name is Suggs)

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bart qee custom by veggiesomething

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?

VGS128: Chaos and Menace.

TRE: how did the custom gig come about?

VGS128: I'm not sure what the arrangements were actually. Along with some other artists, I was asked to participate in this Bart Simpson Qee customs show via Rotofugi. They said that it was for a charity auction that Toy2R was organizing for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

TRE: what is your custom concept about? and why did you choose this concept?

VGS128: Well, Toy2R needed the customs back fairly quickly so I knew that I had to do something that was kind of simple so that I could finish it in time. My two rules for myself were (1) to not to do a "Bart Simpson as..." custom (i.e. Bart Simpson as the devil, Bart Simpson as Batman, etc.) and (2) to keep the original qee's shape intact. These two rules kind of worked against each other a lot unfortunately. Nonetheless, a thought came into my head - like what would happen if heavy metal met streetwear in Japan? I based my custom on that thought.

TRE: rawk-on! ... are you a Simpsons-fan?

VGS128: Yes, indeedy! In fact, our old band used to take a 30 minutes break from practice every Sunday night just so that we could watch the Simpsons.

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-the-ass or is he just misunderstood?

VGS128: I think Bart is a little of both.

TRE: if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

VGS128: I think I would create my own character. I would like to be the character that "out Barts" Bart and create a trail of chaos and menace. Ha, ha ,ha...

TRE: why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

VGS128: Oh, didn't you hear? It's because they are actually Asian! Ha, ha ,ha... Either that or they are not getting the proper nutrition in their diet. Eat your veggies!

TOYSREVIL: cheers for the time and trouble, James! and in closing, maybe you could tell us WHO IS VEGGIESOMETHING?

VGS128: Veggiesomething (aka. James Liu) loves the art of character design and would like nothing more than to work one day for a character factory where he can crank out one character line after another. Thus far, he has created three character lines: fizziefuzzie, House of Liu and !united by destruction! (website coming soon). He also generally loves run-on sentences, fragments, and crushed ice.

bart qee custom by ken keirns

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?

KEN KEIRNS: 80's Fashion Casualty Bart

TRE: how did the custom gig come about? what was the genesis?

K2: I live down the street from Rotofugi, a cool designer toy store in Chicago. They asked me to participate in an upcoming custom show they were having. It was the 2005 "Funny Club Show" featuring the figure by B.B.Birdy, I made a Jack Nicholson out of it.

Since then, they have included me in "The Chop Shop Show" (through Monkey King), "Teddy Troops Invasion", "Bunny Qee Fiesta" (through Toy2R) and recently the "Bart Simpson Qee" (also through Toy2R).

Before Rotofugi, I had been working on a toy concept from an earlier painting of mine. It’s called the Destroyer. It’s a cute woman in a puffy pink polka-dotted suit. There have been a couple of different variations of her.

TRE: please do share with us your custom concept! im having flashbacks of my past fashion disasters from my past!

K2: The 80’s Fashion Casualty Bart was originally going to be a grimy old man. The hair posed a problem though, there’s no getting around the spiky hair. So, I thought to myself, who has spiky hair? People in the 80’s!

Then I had fun from there. I tried to include as many styles that were unique to the 80’s as I could think of. He has speed lines and a tail on that sweet 'do, parachute pants, vans, a Michael Jackson jacket, a piano key tie, and the standard single earring on the left side.

TRE: spot-on, dude! i say from experience i've been down that dark path before LOL (MJ's tunes just popped irritatingly into my inner-jukebox) ... are you a Simpsons-fan?

K2: I am a Simpsons fan. I really don’t get a lot of TV time these days, so I am a bit behind. I catch it whenever I can.

I made an attempt to collect all of the Playmates figures that were out a while back, but I gave up around series 6. I am very proud of my Devil Flanders though.

TRE: coolness. heck i don't even have any Simpsons figures myself! :p ... why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

K2: Bad livers?

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-da-ass or is he just plain misunderstood?

K2: I think Bart has it all worked out…

TRE: if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

K2: I would be Snake, he has the sweetest ride… “Bye!”

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time and trouble, Ken! awesome custom, IMHO :) - in closing, maybe you'd liketa share with us WHO IS KEN KEIRNS?

KEN KEIRNS: I am a Chicago based artist. I mainly paint in oils on board or canvas. Subject matter is usually women with large heads and long necks or monkeys.

I’ve been rather busy preparing for several upcoming group shows this year and a couple solo shows next year.

- = August group show “B.F.F.” and solo show next year in April
- = Several upcoming group shows and a solo next year.
- = November group show
- peep Ken's 80's Fashion Casualty Bart hi-res images on his flickr

bart qee custom by peabe

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?

PEABE: the name of piece is "el barto loco" its pretty much bart simpson 20 years after the show has ended. he started wrestling in little farm circuits throughout the midwest and eventually ended up in mexico where he took his high flying abilities and became a luchador.

TRE: how did the custom gig come about? what was the genesis?

PEABE: got really into vinyl a few years ago when i first saw a michael lau figure. then rotofugi opened up in chicago and it all went crazy from there. i started making figures and around the same time kirby and whitney at rotofugi introduced the idea of customizing existing figures. im sure i tell them this too much, but they revitalized my want to paint again.

TRE: how did your custom concept come about?

PEABE: ive been real obssessed lately with finding a teal/aqua luchador mask and failing, so the idea was still in my head and i figured why not go with that for the bart concept. ive also really liked luchador costumes but never really liked the colors, so i figured i would do my own.

TRE: besides wondering why you'd be looking for a teal/aqua luchador mask - im trying to imagine him diving from the ropes shouting EAT MY SHORTS! ... are you a Simpsons-fan?

PEABE: i am/was a HUGE fan of the earlier simpsons seasons. the first 7 or 8 seasons, but ill be honest and say that i havent been a big fan of the current episodes. they have their moments, but they dont pull me as much as the earlier writing did.

TRE: i'd haveta agree with you on the writing bit tho ... if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

PEABE: id be a ralph wiggums neighbor so i could sit back and laugh at all the dumb stuff he does and experiences.

TRE: enuff with the nose-picking! LOL - why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

PEABE: they're asian, its just not been revealed yet.

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-da-ass or is he just misunderstood?

PEABE: he's misunderstood man. he's just being himself and happens to be a pain in the ass in the process. i was that kid getting myself and friend into trouble, he's a cool cat in my book. he should hang out with ralph more though.

TRE: cheers for your time and trouble, Peabe! and in closing, maybe you could tell the folks here, WHO IS PEABE?

PEABE: my name is peabe and im from chicago. by day im a graphic designer and by night im a trying to be painter. used to do graff back in the day and wasnt all that great so i stuck to pencil, ink and paint. you can check out some of my work at: also, if you 're in chicago in august drop by rotofugi for the BFF show. a great show with 10 of chicago's coolest art geeks. thanks for the interview andy! peace!

TOYSREVIL: peace out! :))))

- peep Peabe's Bart Qee hi-res custom images here :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

bart qee custom by attaboy

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?

ATTABOY: B'arte, naturally.

TRE: how did the custom gig come about? what was the genesis?

ATTA: Bart was a spawn of the Tracy Ullman show which led to a little watched Disney cartoon called the Simpsons created by Ub Iwerks.

The Simpsons grew a small but steady fan base of a few dozen people who would get together weekly on Sundays and show these Simpsons reels in garages across america. Later, some tiny cabbage stand owner turned toy manufacturer, saw these films and made a facimile of one of the main characters, B.Arte.

They sent me one to paint on. I've never seen the show much though and wonder what a character like him would sound like. I betcha he's some sort of smart ass.

TRE: D'OH! do share with us your custom concept, please :)

ATTA: I just started painting, imagining what festered underneath his skin, trying to avoid any similarity to the character.

TRE: awesome festering indeed! are you a Simpsons-fan?

ATTA: I am, but i've only seen the Betamax copies which were translated from the original Chinese. I love when Bart does his Salvador Dali eating fried eggs impression, at least i think that's what he's doing. Either that or some sort of Hitler in a Ballerina dress performance piece, I can't dissern the two, except for the obvious disparities in the moustache department.

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-da-ass or is he just a misunderstood kid?

ATTA: That moustache sure looks pointy so i would say yes, he would be a pain in the ass.

TRE: if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

ATTA: I would like to be Matt Groening, a character who appeared in episode 13. He seemed purty friendly, although everyone kept mispronouncing his name.

TOYSREVIL: why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

ATTABOY: Way back when the Simpsons were created, there were certain prejudices which we find offensive today.


Attaboy is an internationally known creator and artist who started designing and inventing toys way back in 1996. His work now appears in galleries, like Rotofugi, where they are hosting his solo show Palace of the Brine right now. His creator directed animation, Too Many Robots, was seen on cable in May and is now on ITunes and YouTube. When he dies, he'll be made into a tub of ice cream, which will taste like Cherries Jubilee, but without the cherries, just the jubilee. You can see more of his art at

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