Tuesday, July 3, 2007

bart qee custom by attaboy

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?

ATTABOY: B'arte, naturally.

TRE: how did the custom gig come about? what was the genesis?

ATTA: Bart was a spawn of the Tracy Ullman show which led to a little watched Disney cartoon called the Simpsons created by Ub Iwerks.

The Simpsons grew a small but steady fan base of a few dozen people who would get together weekly on Sundays and show these Simpsons reels in garages across america. Later, some tiny cabbage stand owner turned toy manufacturer, saw these films and made a facimile of one of the main characters, B.Arte.

They sent me one to paint on. I've never seen the show much though and wonder what a character like him would sound like. I betcha he's some sort of smart ass.

TRE: D'OH! do share with us your custom concept, please :)

ATTA: I just started painting, imagining what festered underneath his skin, trying to avoid any similarity to the character.

TRE: awesome festering indeed! are you a Simpsons-fan?

ATTA: I am, but i've only seen the Betamax copies which were translated from the original Chinese. I love when Bart does his Salvador Dali eating fried eggs impression, at least i think that's what he's doing. Either that or some sort of Hitler in a Ballerina dress performance piece, I can't dissern the two, except for the obvious disparities in the moustache department.

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-da-ass or is he just a misunderstood kid?

ATTA: That moustache sure looks pointy so i would say yes, he would be a pain in the ass.

TRE: if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

ATTA: I would like to be Matt Groening, a character who appeared in episode 13. He seemed purty friendly, although everyone kept mispronouncing his name.

TOYSREVIL: why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

ATTABOY: Way back when the Simpsons were created, there were certain prejudices which we find offensive today.


Attaboy is an internationally known creator and artist who started designing and inventing toys way back in 1996. His work now appears in galleries, like Rotofugi, where they are hosting his solo show Palace of the Brine right now. His creator directed animation, Too Many Robots, was seen on cable in May and is now on ITunes and YouTube. When he dies, he'll be made into a tub of ice cream, which will taste like Cherries Jubilee, but without the cherries, just the jubilee. You can see more of his art at yumfactory.com.